Welcome To
Jerri Davis Group


Our culture is guided by our values. Wisdom and grace characterize our interactions with all who come to us. While millions of dollars of sales and top producer awards have earned us success by industry standards, we believe that our true success comes in the serving of others—something we practice on a daily basis.

Ultimately, our goal is to win relationships by creating trust. Trust in our competence, trust in our character, trust that is earned by our commitment to live out our values each and every day.


Our business growth is organic, determined primarily through the meaningful relationships we establish with our clients who share their stories with others. In short, clients desiring more than a transactional relationship are referred to us by those who have worked with us.

The JDG challenges the current industry narrative by being “Other’s Focused.” We exist to help people navigate one of life’s most exciting yet challenging events—“finding home.”


Our experience drives our purpose—to protect our clients rather than our commissions. While the emotional connection with home is powerful, we never allow emotions to jeopardize our client’s financial well-being. Our ability to analyze the complexities involved in each transaction guides a process that leads to emotional and financial peace of mind.